Battlefield 3 Tehran Highway
Battlefield 3 Tehran Highway, is, as the name suggests, based around the Iranian capitol of Tehran, where US and Russian forces in Battlefield 3 battle on a map in the style of Road to Jalalabad and Strike At Karkand. Players start the round in the hills above the city, and gradually work their way in. Tehran Highway is the only nighttime map in Battlefield 3.

Tehran Highway layout

Unlike most other Conquest 64 maps, Tehran Highway has only 4 capture points, which are divided by a highway. This layout usually results in a stalemate with both sides each controlling two flags, with heavy exchange of gunfire and battles across the highway.

Tehran Highway tips

Capturing and holding more than two flags is key to victory, as all other conquest maps. The best way is a head-on assault with vehicles on one of the control points across the highway. Because of its dark setting and plenty of buildings and elevated positions, Tehran Highway is a great place for snipers, who can position themselves above the battle to spot and take out enemies.


Being a mostly urban map, Tehran Highway has a modest amount of vehicles per side. In addition to the starting vehicles, each capture point offers 1 transport vehicle once the flag has been captured.

US vehicles

  • M1 Abrams tank
  • LAV-25 infantry fighting vehicle
  • Humvee

Russian vehicles

  • T-90A tank
  • BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle
  • Vodnik
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