Damavand Peak

Battlefield 3 Damavand Peak
Damavand Peak is a Battlefield 3 map based on the real world mountain of Damavand in Iran. The Battlefield 3 map versions of Damavand Peak are based around a large tunnel that divides the map in two and serves as the focal point of the map. The map will also feature based jumping on the Rush game mode, where attackers base jump into the first area of attack. Damavand Peak has the biggest height difference of any map in Battlefield 3, at 500 meters.

Damavand Peak layout

Damavand Peak is based on a central tunnel system that runs under the mountain. In Conquest, there are five capture points, two on each side and one critical capture point in the middle of the tunnel. Each team has a helicopter at their disposal, which can be used to fly over the mountain and attempt to flank the opposing team.


Each side starts out with the following vehicles on Damavand Peak:

US vehicles

  • M1A2 Abrams tank
  • Humvee (2X)
  • Little Bird helicopter

Russian vehicles

  • T-90A tank
  • Vodnik (2X)
  • Z-11 helicopter

Damavand peak tips

The most important objective/control point in Damavand Peak is the center “Tunnel” control point, which is very hard to take once the opposing team has established their defenses. Therefore, you should always use the vehicles available and go straight for the Tunnel capture point at the beginning of the map. Alternately, if the opposing team has the Tunnel, you should use the chopper and try and flank and capture the points on the opposite side of the mountain.

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