Grand Bazaar

Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar
Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar map is set in Tehran, and is a relatively small map that’s focused heavily on infantry combat. Grand Bazaar is light on vehicles and has a dense, urban location with a lot of alleys and streets, perfect for flanking towards the objectives, whether they are capture points or M-COM stations.

Grand Bazaar layout

Grand Bazaar is set in a tight, urban environment, where fast movement and good infantry skills are key. The map retains its urban and dense setting regardless of what mode is played, whether its Conquest or Rush, Team Deathmatch or Squad Deathmatch.

There are 5 capture points in Grand Bazaar, 4 of them are centered around the main flag called “Alley”, which is the focal point of many tense battles.

Grand Bazaar tips

While most of the action is centered around the Alley capture point, which is hard to capture and easy to defend, the key to victory on Grand Bazaar lies in capturing and holding the outer capture points, which are much easier to take control of.


Grand Bazaar is mainly an infantry focused map, and is therefore light on vehicles, with just two available per team.

US vehicles

  • LAV-25 infantry fighting vehicle
  • Humvee

Russian vehicles

  • BMP-2
  • Vodnik
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