Kharg Island

Battlefield 3 Kharg Island
Kharg Island is a brand new Battlefield 3 map set on the real-life version of Kharg Island, situation just off the coast of Iran. The island is an important port of oil transport and oil pipelines. Kharg Island also serves as an important Naval Base for the Iranian Navy. Kharg Island has 5 capture points in Battlefield 3, and is a map that focuses on vehicles, with each team having plenty of vehicles at their disposal.

Kharg Island layout

Kharg Island in Battlefield 3 has 5 capture points, with one capture point that’s relatively close to each team, while the other 3 are up for grabs. The main action usually centers around the middle of the map, between the “Construction Site” and “Offices” flags. The 5 control points/flags in Kharg Island are: Docks, Construction Site, Offices, Army Outpost, and Gas Station.

Kharg Island tips

While Kharg Island is primary a vehicle map, infantry plays a big part as well. Because of much cover on almost all flags, there is plenty of opportunity for ambush and flanking of tanks and other vehicles. The main action usually happens at the Construction site and Offices points, which are the most important, and hardest, flags to capture and defend.


Kharg Island is a vehicle heavy map, and each side have plenty of tanks, jeeps and aerial firepower.

US vehicles

  • M1 Abrams tank (2X)
  • Growler (2X)
  • LAV-AD anti-air
  • Little Bird helicopter
  • AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter
  • F/A 18 Super Hornet (2X)
  • RHIB boat

Russian vehicles

  • T-90 tank (2X)
  • VDV buggy (3X)
  • Tunguska anti-air
  • Z-11 helicopter
  • Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopter
  • Su-35 attack jet (2X)
  • RHIB boat
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