Noshahr Canals

Battlefield 3 Noshahr Canals
Noshahr Canals is a Battlefield 3 map based on the real world location of Noshahr in northern Iran. The map is centered around an industrial harbor, with infantry and vehicle warfare. The map also includes boats and amphibious vehicles, which the attacking forces in Rush use to attack the first objective as their starting point is an aircraft carrier.

Noshahr Canals supports all four Battlefield 3 modes: Rush, Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch.

Noshahr Canals layout

The map has five capture points, four of which are easily accessible to either side. The focal point of the map is the center control point, called “Train Yard”, which is hard to defend and often changes control many times during a match, unless it’s defended properly (see under “tips”). There 5 control points in Noshahr Canals are: Train Yard, Dry Dock, Container Area, Storm Drain, Canal.

Noshahr Canals tips

The best tactic is the focus on the three main control points which are very close together and therefore easier to defend: the triangle of “Canal”, “Container Area” and “Train yard”, can, with a good team, be held by staying inside the triangle of those three control points, with fast and easy access to all three flags.


Noshahr Canals is mainly an infantry map, and has a modest amount of vehicles.

US vehicles

  • AAV amphibious vehicle
  • RHIB boat (3X)
  • Huey transport helicopter
  • AH-Z Viper attack helicopter
  • F/A 18 Super Hornet fighter jet

Russian vehicles

  • T-90A tank
  • VDV buggy (2X)
  • Mi-28 Havok attack helicopter
  • Su-35 fighter jet
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