Operation Firestorm

Battlefield 3 operation firestorm
Battlefield 3 Operation Firestorm map is an open map set in the desert with capture points surrounding an oil refinery. The map, in its Conquest mode, has plenty of vehicles, including Jets, Helicopters and Tanks, as well as infantry focused areas on the map. Operation Firestorm in Battlefield 3 will support all four game modes: Rush,Conquest, Squad Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch.

Operation Firestorm is one of the largest maps in Battlefield 3, featuring a wide open desert setting.

Operation Firestorm layout

While the map area is large, the 5 capture points in the map are somewhat tightly placed together, meaning infantry won’t have any trouble advancing from flag to flag. The outer areas are quite open though, with plenty of room for jets to navigate. Three of the capture points are lined up for easy access by infantry, while there are an additional two capture points across a main highway.


Each side starts out with a wide selection of vehicles in their home base:

US vehicles

  • M1 Abrams tank (3X)
  • LAV-AD anti-air (1X)
  • AH-1 Super Cobra attack helicopter (1X)
  • Huey transport helicopter (1X)
  • F/A 18 Super Hornet jet (2X)

Russian vehicles

  • T-90A tank (3X)
  • Tunguska anti-air (1X)
  • Z-11 transport helicopter
  • Su-35 fighter jet (2X)

Operation Firestorm tips

Like many Battlefield 3 maps, Operation Firestorm features an odd number of capture points, in this case, 5, which means that one team will always have the advantage. The key capture point is the “Warehouse” point situated in the center, which provides easy access to two nearby flags. However, the Warehouse flag, like most other flags on Operation Firestorm, are hard to defend against both infantry and vehicles, which is why flags tend to change hands often on this map.

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