Seine Crossing

Battlefield 3 Seine Crossing

Battlefield 3 Seine Crossing is a map situated in France, and is the second Battlefield 3 map set in Paris, France, the first being Operation Metro. The map is split into two large parts, divided by the river Seine. There are two control points on each side of the river, and a main control point, and the focal point of many tough battles, on a bridge at the est side of the map. Operation Seine in Battlefield 3 will, like all other maps, support all 4 game modes, including Rush and Conquest.

Seine Crossing layout

Seine Crossing is split into two parts by a river. There are two flags on each side, which are easily accessible by both sides, while the main flag that tips the balance is situated on a bridge on the east side of the map, a bridge with very little cover that is hard to re-take once the enemy has it. The control points of Seine Crossing are: Back Streets, Market Avenue, East Bridge, Canal Courtyard, ad Garden Alleyway.

Seine Crossing tips

Seine Crossing has a big focus on defense. If a team can capture the majority of flags (3 out of 5 flags, at least), they are for the most part easy to defend due to plenty of options where defenders can dig in, including many buildings that can be entered and provide an overview of defensive areas. The map is also very well suited for mortar attacks and snipers, which have plenty of places to hide.


Being an infantry-focused map, there are only two vehicles per team in Seine Crossing: one tank and one transport vehicle.

US vehicles

  • M1A2 Abrams tank
  • Humvee

Russian vehicles

  • T-90 tank
  • Vodnik
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