DICE Wants “to Build Game Changing Experiences, Not Just Pretty Visuals,” Frostbite 2 for Next-Gen Consoles Discussion

by Admin

DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson talks about the specs needed to be in the generation of consoles in order for the studio’s engine, Frostbite 2, to emulate the visual marvels it can accomplish on high end PCs.

“There’s two things: memory and processing power,” Andersson stated in an interview with Joystiq. He went on to stress the importance of processing power, “we need lots and lots of processing power. The more you can cram into a machine, we’ll take advantage of that.” In terms of RAM, Andersson explained that “two gigabytes would not be enough.” However, ”four gigabytes would work [the recommend specs for Battlefield 3]. Eight gigabytes? Yeah. I think that would be perfect when it comes to memory.” On the GPU front, Andersson would like to see faster units; however, he doesn’t foresee consoles with multiple GPUs.

On a final note, Andersson offered his vision for what we can expect from DICE and the Frostbite 2 Engine. He explained that the end goal is not just a graphical improvement, but rather “to build game changing experiences, not just pretty visuals, but game changing experiences? That’s what we’re really excited to do, going forward.”

In a recent job listing we discovered, DICE, as it’s the case with many major studios, is working on “next generation titles.”

Bad Company 3 on the next Xbox, PS4, and PC is one intriguing thought, in my opinion. Beyond the next three expansion packs, what would you like to see from DICE?



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