DICE: “We’ll Have Frostbite-Powered Games In 2013 That Will Require a 64-Bit OS”

by Admin

It’s time to upgrade, according to DICE Rendering Architect.

Johan Andersson, who’s worked extensively with the Frostbite 2 engine which recently powered games like BlackBox’s Need for Speed: The Run and, of course, DICE’s Battlefield 3, has recently announced that upcoming Frostbite-powered games will soon require a 64-bit operating system in order to be played on the PC.

He stated on Twitter, “we’ll have Frostbite-powered games in 2013 that will require a 64-bit OS. If you are on 32-bit, great opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8.” For those wondering, he also added that it will be “perfectly fine to use Windows 7 or Vista (SP2) as well, as long it is 64-bit.”

As many know, EA has adopted the game engine recently crafted by Swedish-based developers DICE to power upcoming titles by other developers under the EA umbrella. So far, Medal of Honor: Warfighter by Danger Close and Command & Conquer: Generals 2 by BioWare are the only two titles confirmed to utilize Frostbite 2. If you haven’t checked out the lastest Warfighter trailer, make sure to do so here.

However, we can safely assume that the rumored Battlefield: Bad Company 3, which was recentlyspotted in development, and Mirror’s Edge 2 will also be powered by the Frostbite 2 engine.

Other titles rumored to utilize the engine include the Army of Two sequel, Dragon Age 3 and Dead Space 3.


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