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long before the official Battlelog app players have been using other alternatives which all have their own positives and negatives. In this post I will go over the top 5 Battlelog apps I have come across and recommend people try out.

iStats for Battlefield (Sodeso)
iStats for Battlefield.jpg

Positives: The app is made especially for the iPad so it is large enough to display a huge amount of content and stats. It has a huge amount of information to digest over and includes charts showing you how close or far away you are from unlocking weapons or add-ons. The app also is now free and is more than worth looking at.

Negatives: Although there are a lot of features in this app they are not obvious to find leaving key features overlooked.

My Soldier for Battlefield 3 (Alessandro Ameroso)
My Soldier for Battlefield.jpg

Positives: The app has a huge library which lists weapons, vehicles and add-ons as well as a description of the item.

Negatives: My Soldier doesn’t have a huge amount of detail leaving out key stats. There are also a huge amount of reports of this app being very unstable.

StatsPro for Battlefield (Xin Liu)
StatsPro for Battlefield.jpg

Positives: The app is in my opinion the best looking Battlelog app out there and is pretty basic letting you view all the important stats when you want to view them.

Negatives: The app requires you to go to the website and update your stats through their, thus taking a huge amount of time.

Mobile Stats for BF3 (Trident Group)
Mobile Stats for BF3.jpg

Positives: The best feature of this app is the ability to compare your stats with other users on Battlelog allowing you to gain a competetive edge over your friends. The app is really easy to navigate around and looks really good on iPhone’s and iPod’s.

Negatives: The app requires you to register with in order to collect your stats. The app is also paid. But you know the saying “you get what you pay for”.

Player Stats (Revaler Advisory GbR)
Player Stats.jpg

Positives: This app is extremely detailed and has great descriptions for all of the weapons and vehicles. It allows users to keep track of multiple accounts over different platforms all at once. It also allows you to make comparisons and shows you what you need to improve on.

Negatives: The app runs a tad bit slower than I would like it to.

After going through my top 5 apps for Battlelog I have come to two apps which I recommend the most, which both have their reasons for being picked. I first pick iStats for Battlefield because it offers a great tablet experience for those lucky enough to have an iPad and is perfect to have by your side as you shoot yourself to victory on the Battlefield. The other app I choose is Player Stats because it gives you all the information you could want on the small screen of your iPhone and iPod without feeling packed to the top. I also really like the ability to compare player profiles.

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