New DLC, Content Service, and Double XP Weekend

by Admin

We’ve got some exclusive (unofficial, but from a very reliable source) news and some new dates for you all. It looks like EA/DICE is rolling out a premium content service, and are also planning to drop 5th expansion after their previously announced End Game DLC. In addition, there will be a DOUBLE XP WEEKEND this weekend, May 12th – 14th!

Battlefield Premium : June 4th

Close Quarters : June 12th

June 2012 : Guide
Get the upper hand with this strategy guide, teaching you how to improve and become an even more skilled player.

August 2012: Bonus Content

Fall 2012 : Armored Kill

Winter 2012 : End Game

March 2013 : 5th Expansion Pack (still untitled)

Looks like some exciting things on the horizon! What are your thoughts on the new info and what are you most looking forward to?

By Admin Posted in BF, BF3

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