BF3 Premium Service is No Rumor

by Admin

There has been a lot of dancing around the subject, but no actual denial when it comes to the “rumored” Battlefield 3 Premium Service.

We can happily confirm that the Battlefield 3 Premium Content Service is no rumor, and is definitely set to launch on June 4th, 2012, along with the double XP for PC players.
When the “rumor” first started circulating, we had a credible source, which turned out to be right. Now we have multiple sources which are all saying the exact same thing.
The date may be subject to change as of now, since this post has gone live, but remember – it’s coming, and with the mix reaction of fans, who knows where it’ll take the Battlefield franchise.
Here’s some the information regarding Battlefield Premium.

Now that it’s confirmed, what are your thoughts?

By Admin Posted in BF, BF3

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