Close Quarters 30$? No… It’s a lie.

by Admin

The Cake is a lie.. and this is a rumor, and a very bad one… Yesterday posted Close Quarters for 29.99$

We all have our chance to spin the rumor mill, sometimes we also get the chance to stop it. So let me stop this one before it goes any further.

Close Quarters is NOT $30… its 14.99$

You want proof? Here is the OFFICIAL EA Press Release for the Close Quarters DLC, straight off their website.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters information
· Publisher: Electronic Arts
· Developer: DICE
· Formats: PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360®, PC
· Release: June 2012 (1 week early access on PlayStation®3)
· Players: 2-16
· Rating: ESRB Mature 17+ / PEGI 16
· MSRP: $14.99 USD for PlayStation 3 and PC, 1200 MS Points

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