Modern Warfare 3 New Map Leaked: Terminal to return?

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Since the Modern Warfare 3 DLC season started, we assumed the Nostalgic Map Pack which was teased a while before had hit a brick wall. Then, the idea of the Nostalgic Map Pack coming to Modern Warfare 3 was kocked back even further when an Infinity Ward developer confirmed that the Modern Warfare 3 “Paid DLC” will only include new maps.

However new evidence of the map terminal has appeared on the Xbox LIVE network under theatre mode. A video (found below) reveals an online game of One in the Chamber being played on the Terminal map, it looks pretty legitimate considering it even has the picture there. Unfortunatley no one can view the video since we don’t have the map to do so but this could hint at the Nostalgic Map Pack being all to true!

The Nostalgic Map Pack was teased a long time ago, the 25th of November to be exact and showed off the following: “Check out the picture they posted below, it shows off 4 previous Modern Warfare maps which are as follows:

  • Terminal from Modern Warfare 2 (Set in an Airpot terminal, luggage and planes everywhere, lots of glass too!)
  • Favela from Modern Warfare 2 (The slums of Rio de Janeiro, lots of ground and rooftop battles!)
  • Shipment from Modern Warfare (The smallest Call of Duty Map you’ll ever see! It’s basically as square map with a few shipping containers in the middle! The most intense map ever!)
  • Crossfire from Modern Warfare (A map I personally loved, great for sniping along the large main road and great close quarters combat in this desert town!)”

Although the date on the Image is clearly wrong, the new video above does give it a little mode credability.

The full quote of the Infinity Ward developer who confirmed that only new content would appear in the DLC seasons is as follows: ““We’ll attempt to give you a better heads up on release timing moving forward. One of the issues we face is we sometimes don’t receive release date notification from the first parties and internal QA until late in the day.

I can confirm that paid DLC will consist of all new maps, missions etc.


We find it unfortunate that no classic maps will be included in Modern Warfare 3 in the paid season, former Creative Strategist Robert Bowling thought classic maps should be returned in Modern Warfare 3 for free, as the developer said though “PAID” DLC will not include classic maps, that doesn’t mean we could get some classics released for free right!? (Highly unlikely but one can hope).

A little invesgatory work also leads to some information which could destroy all the information above though, we did a little digging around the user who uploaded the video to theatre (Coder123), although Xbox LIVE doesn’t give out a great deal of information the user is friends with two people called “Mods Activated” and “MW3 Mod Lobbies”. The video upload could be a mod that him or his team have been working on but it could be a bit of viral marketing from Infinity Ward to get the hype growing!

We really hope that some classic maps will return in Modern Warfare 3, especially if they are going to be free, it’d be such a great gesture on Infinity Ward’s part and bring back much love which seems to have been lost towards them from the community! What classic maps would you want to return in Modern Warfare 3?

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