Battlefield Premium Shows Up on PSN

by Admin

Battlfield 3 Premium service banners have just been loaded onto the PSN stores around the world showing us the service’s logo and confirming the price of it.

Earlier this week we showed you guys what to expect thanks to a leaked fact sheet and the EU Playstation blog. It look like the sheet they showed us and the prices they listed were correct. Looks like Premium is set to launch Monday.
The game itself, although being listed is not for sale, is being presented with a “This content is currently not available on this account” message.

Below is a list of the current prices:

  • Australia – $79.95 AUD
  • Denmark – 399 Danish Kroner
  • Great Britain – £39.99 GBP
  • Finland – €49.95€
  • Netherlands €49.95
  • Poland 179,000ZL

Other prices will be announced as they are confirmed.

It is still unknown how much PC and Xbox users will have to invest.

EA has scheduled a press conference tomorrow where we expect to see the full announcement of Battlefield Premium and the long awaited Close Quarters. Keep watch to our Twitter, Blog for all the latest news over the next exciting few days.

By Admin Posted in BF, BF3

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