PS3 June Patch, Xbox 360 Patch 1.15 Will Enhance MW3′s System Link

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The competitive Call of Duty community has been asking the team behind Modern Warfare 3 for proper LAN support since launch. Thankfully, it looks like Infinity Ward will soon flesh out System Link with “Competition Mode.”

Infinity Ward announced, via Facebook, “Competition mode is coming to System Link in the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 title update!”

The next update on consoles will include the following:

  • Ability to unlock all weapons/attachments
  • A greater customization of game modes

Competition mode will go live on PS3 on 6/14 with patch 1.15 and Xbox 360 in the June update, presumably patch 1.16.

Ex-Infinity Ward employee Robert Bowling did mention a few month ago that enhancing System Link was on the team’s to-do list, but it was further down the list.

patch notes :

Infinity Ward has published the fix list for the latest title updates for Modern Warfare 3 on PC and PS3. The PC patch is now live (version 1.8.423). However, the PlayStation 3 patch is not available at the time of writing, but should go live soon. Patch 1.15 for PS3 was originally announced to release in mid-June, but it seems Infinity Ward managed to push out the update sooner.

Here are the official patch notes:

PC Patch 1.13

  • Fix for mismatching files error between DLC and Non-DLC owners

PS3 Patch 1.15

  • 400 new ranks included in 5 new prestige levels
  • Dead Man’s Hand reduce explosive radius
  • Dragunov rebalance
  • Fixed DS/SRP issue with Specialist class
  • Blast Shield Buff in hardcore modes
  • Fixed an issue where some “Defense” kills were not incrementing on the leaderboard
  • Fix for rapid fire glitch
  • Increased damage reduction for Blast Shield in Hardcore modes
  • Fix for Kill Confirmed, update the player score before updating the team score
  • Competition Mode added to System Link
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