Black Ops 2 DLC to launch on first on Xbox 360

by Admin

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 add-on content and DLC will be made availabile first on the Xbox 360 platform, Microsoft today revealed at E3. No specifics were revealed but chances are it’ll be the same as we are currently used to due to a contract between Activision and Microsoft for the past few Call of Duty games.

Back in 2010, the year Modern Warfare 2 was released, Activison and Microsoft entered a business deal to release DLC on the Xbox 360 earlier than other platforms. (A contract which ends at the end of 2012) It was a great deal for Xbox 360 users and Microsoft as it would make their platform the best place to play Call of Duty. Tomb Raider is another game that Microsoft revealed would be getting DLC first on the Xbox 360. Instead of paying publishers for exclusive console titles, Microsoft has gone down the route of early access to DLC content.

Undoubtedly they paid a small fortune for the privellage to do so, yet Activision still agreed to go ahead with the deal back then and hence has pushed the PS3 and PC community behind.

Although the contract ends at the end of 2012, Black Ops 2 is still being released in that time period so perhaps that is why it is still being included, either that or Microsoft and Activision have re-newed their contract with each other (We hope this isn’t the case so we can go back to having a level playing field!).

Check out some Black Ops 2 gameplay footage below from E3:
With deep ELITE integration in Black Ops 2 the whole DLC system is likely to be identical to Modern Warfare 3′s system where by ELITE members get new content each month while non-ELITE can purchase Map Packs when they are released.

How do you feel about the Xbox 360 still getting DLC before all other platforms?


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