MoH: Warfighter Multiplayer Trailer Analysis, Score Chain Rewards, Weapons and More!

by Admin

At last, FPS fans got their first glimpse of the multiplayer that Medal of Honor: Wafighter will be packing this October 23rd in Danger Close’s latest gameplay trailer. Jammed pack with goodies, this trailer shows off some of the weapons, gadgets, and most importantly, the Score Chain Rewards available at your finger tips. We’ve broken it down for you in these screens below so you can get a better picture of what Medal of Honor: Wafighter multiplayer is all about.

Make sure to read the captions so you don’t miss a thing!

Tier 1 Operators:

A few of the Tier 1 Operators you will get to play as in Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s multiplayer.Click here for a full list.


An OGA soldier demonstrating the slide feature.



A SAS soldier demonstrating the prone feature.

A SFOD-D soldier dawning a bomb-suit.


Some of the gameplay features included in Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s multiplayer, including a slide ability, melee attack and some Frostbite 2 destruction.

This soldier readies his hatchet as he slides into his opponent.

It’s possible that each operator group will carry a different type of melee weapon. This man prefers to hack and slash his opponents’ knees with a hatchet.

A communication tower under fire.

Frotbite 2’s destruction in play.


Some of the weapons you’ll be using. (Feel free to add/correct in the comments below!)

M40 Sniper Rifle

AA-12 Automatic Shotgun

M249 Light Machine Gun

RGP-40 Grenade Launcher

MP7 Sub-Machine Gun

M60 Light Machine Gun

Glock 18 Hand Gun also with an incoming missile strike in the background.

Equipment, Gadgets and Score Chain Rewards:

Assuming Danger Close will call them Score Chains again, you’ll find many of them in the images below along with some special equipment and gadgets.

Prepping a ‘nade.

A unique grenade that expands its area of effect via cables that hook into the walls and objects surrounding it.

Big-a-splosion! I’d say the grenade above does it’s job pretty well.

The armored mask of a soldier’s bomb suit begins to crack under fire. By the looks of it, this mask can be toggled on and off and is most likely class-specific.

Readying a hand-held drone surveillance device as an airstrike devastates the building on the right. This could be a class-specific equipment or another Score Chain Reward.

Notice the tower in the background it as it takes damage and crumbles. You can compare it to the image above for reference. More Frostbite 2 destruction.

Surveying the area.

A soldier getting ready to deploy a mortar strike. Again, this could either be a class-specific equipment or a Score Chain Reward.

After setting up, this soldier prepares to guide the incoming mortar strike via remote control.

Guiding a mortar strike into the tower.

The mortar making its effect on target. Notice the incoming predator attack on the soldiers below.

A deadly predator missile attack with a fairly large blast radius.

A predator attack from the view of the ground forces.

More missile attacks.

A remote control bot with a mounted machine gun rolls past a Canadian Tier 1 Operator. This one is most likely a Score Chain Reward that could be air-dropped.

A close up of the remote-controlled bot.

First-person view from the bot.

Incoming air support.

Calling in an airstrike.

There was a lot to cover in this Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer. Expect a number of poinstreaks at your disposal and a ton of explosions. Notice anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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