Armored Kill

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill is a new downloadable content pack for Battlefield 3 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Armored Kill will be released in the Summer of 2012, and will focus on armored warfare, with large, open maps, new vehicles, including new main battle tanks.

Armored Kill features

  • General:
    • Five new vehicles will be available
    • Each new vehicle will have its own career of unlocks.
    • Four maps will be available – all really big and with diverse environments and themes.
    • Bandar Desert is the largest map in Battlefield history.
    • It will also have a very high flight ceiling.
    • No comment if more cinematic events will be returning, though players will see some “cool stuff.”
    • Armored Kill will introduced the new game mode Tank Superiority. Details are being left for later.


    • To use the AC-130, you need to capture the base that harbours it.
    • Once captured, you can spawn into the gunner position or simply use it as a mobile spawn point.
    • It will respawn like any other normal vehicle. Though if the opposing enemy team has captured the base, it will spawn for them instead.
    • It will have two positions: the 25mm auto-cannon and the 120mm “big” cannon.
    • You can spawn and paradrop from the AC-130 even if all the gunner positions are occupied.
    • Gunners on the AC-130 do have the option to deploy flares if they are being locked onto by other vehicles or weapons.
    • Players can also jump into a 360 degree AA turret.
    • The AC-130 will serve two roles: suppressing ground units or controlling the air space.
    • It flies on it’s own path and is not very mobile. Use friendly fighter jets to protect it.

    Tank Destroyer:

    • A new tank destroyer class of vehicles is being introduced.
    • It is basically a faster moving tank with lots of firepower, although only lightly armored.


    • 2-man ATV quad bikes will return (as in Bad Company 2) which will allow for driver and gunner positions.

    AA Vehicles:

    • There will be no new AT or AA infantry weaponry, but players can take control both mobile artillery and tank destroyers.
    • Mobile AA is a very vulnerable vehicle yet powerful. Its best defense other than teamwork is good positioning.
    • It’s meant to be challenging but rewarding – not just a point and click weapon.

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